Any help our advice to perform the services to all Canadians is welcome. We are offering this service free of charge.
UCEC is committed and open to any suggestions and advice to fulfill its mission of serving humanity in the most effective manner


Employment Assistance


Job Fairs

UCEC regularly hold job fairs for the new Canadians and youth. We are also actively involved in helping our youth to find summer jobs in collaboration with Services Canada Youth Centre.


Resumes and Job Matching

UCEC regularly get resumes by post and internet, which are matched by our professional volunteers who have built their own data base specially for the purpose of recommending suitable job opportunities to job




‘UCEC volunteers are offering to conduct computer classes every Sunday to teach computer basics, advance Java, Web logic, Web sphere and Oracle. We are hoping to enlarge the scope of this activity by introducing an a few lessons on computer programming especially for our seniors and those who my want to learn the use of Microsoft word and Excel.


Community ServicesServices



Some of UCEC’s senior volunteers are engaged in providing various services such as pre-marriage counselling for intending couples and suggesting suitable match and giving proposals for families who are looking for like minded families to consider marrying their children amongst them.


Seniors Meetings

UCEC conducts regular such meetings for seniors on weekends at Coopers Avenue with the sole purpose of motivating them to come out of their current routine of watching TV at all times and encouraging a more active lifestyle. UCEC members believe that their small projects which include organizing social events for communities, picnics, counselling and sharing their life experiences with fellow seniors in general and our youth in particular. We anticipate a positive outcome from these projects.


Family Disputes

Recently UCEC is offering an advisory committee of elders to intervene and provide counselling in cases of family disputes particularly to husbands and wives before their case goes to the court in an effort to keep intact and protect the family ties. By adopting this methodology and approach, UCEC believes that there can be immense savings on the part of Government and the individuals by resolving such domestic disputes before it becomes a point of no return.

Aging Population

UCEC believes that the aging population particularly which is not only becoming a burden on the economy of the country but because most of these seniors are not having a purpose of life it makes them sick and isolated socially hence they suffer from variety of anxiety based diseases. UCEC is offering voluntary services to all communities to pool ideas in this regard and help assist the needy. Interested parties are requested to send their proposals with their brief profile.


Join Hands

UCEC realizes that in order to meet current and future challenges we need to work together with other community organizations to build bridges and create harmony amongst its members to develop a community living in peace and to be there for each other in one united Canada as one united nation. We are pursuing actively to muster support from others and would like to have on our board, members from diverse community as honorary directors.


Community Development

UCEC intends to offer active co-operation to organizations such as Mississauga Garden Council to educate our younger youth by offering them the opportunity to study nature and become aware of our environment and conservation needs from a very young age. UCEC is engaged in dialogue with other multicultural groups to seek each other’s support and learn from their unique experiences.


Cultural Assimilation

UCEC feels that there is stronger need for new immigrants to receive a package (including brochures from various governments) upon arrival, which would not only give them a clear guidance to learn about employment assistance resources, equivalency requirements for foreign trained professionals but provide them with useful links for convenient rehabilitation in their new country of residence. An introduction to Canadian cultural diversity, values and principals are necessary before they are exposed to the conflicting and confusing disinformation usually being carried out by those amateurs who themselves were not helped and guided in a responsible way when they came to this country. Moreover this can save the newcomers from predators and opportunists who are usually trying to extract money from these inexperienced and uninformed folks even for those services which are available free of cost. We believe that this can be accomplished through various community organizations by pooling in their expertise with a unified approach so that these new entrants in our society can be introduced to Canadian culture as soon as they arrive.


Neighbourhood Fair

UCEC intends to expand further its ‘know your neighbour’ programme into other areas through volunteers. The past experience has proved that once a level of confidence and comfort is established among neighbours, a strong community can develop.


Matrimonial Services

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