On Saturday 27th,May 2006, UCEC organized a presentation at Coopers Community Centre with the help of ‘Services Canada Youth Centre’ a project of HRDC, for students looking for summer jobs and needing assistance in learning how to create their resumes and cover letters.


The members of the organization researched and advertised a list of student jobs for the region of peel by sending faxes to all the high schools in Mississauga and distributing flyers to a number of community centres and mosques.


UCEC has previously had held two job fairs during 2005. First one was arranged with the help of local Muslim businesses. The response was tremendous and the event was a big success.


Due to the enthusiasm shown and demand from the community, UCEC was encouraged to hold a second job fair, which was by far a greater success. The organization managed to mobilize support and co-operation of our local businessmen, Peel Police, Air force, Army, Navy, RCMP, and CSIS. This was a source of great pride as it was the first time in the history of the Muslim Community such an event took place in Mississauga, where Municipal and Provincial Governments were involved to educate & offer job placement opportunities.