City of Mississauga, Civic Award Of Recognition

City of Mississauga, Civic Award Of Recognition

At the core of UCEC’s activities and aspirations is its founding member, Mir Sayeed Sultan. Mir has been living in Canada since 1989, and primarily working as a businessman. However, he has always nurtured the objective to serve humanity as best he can. His desire to help those in need can be traced to his adolescence. As a young boy, growing up in India, Mir formed a group of fellow students who would go to remote villages distributing clothes and teaching the use of disinfectants to poor villagers. In 1954, as a teenager, Mir was elected to be a leader of World Scout Jamboree, and a documentary film of the event was made. His leadership ability continued through college where he represented his peers as the General Secretary of the elected Students Union.


Mir’s business interests have trekked an interesting path but have always showcased his leadership abilities. In the early 60’s, he worked in England in the fashion industry and organized fashion shows with his team. In 1966 a reputed magazine of UK ‘ Drapper Record ‘ published an interview with Mir documenting his achievements as a sales professional in the UK fashion industry. In early 80’s he helped MITEL of Canada, a leader in voice communication software, to win back a tender, worth millions of dollars for telecommunication equipments and services, which had originally been awarded to an American company.


After coming to Canada in 1989, Mir got involved in community service. Soon after arriving, he realized that there was no place for Muslim community members for worship and to have social gatherings. In 1991, with great efforts, Mir, with support from some community members was able to establish a mosque and community centre at Coopers Avenue for religious & social activities. In 2003, he formed the ‘United Family of Neighbours’ a group of homeowners (Mavis west to Terry Fox) who were involved in a dispute with their builder. From past experience, Mir realized that they would be stronger as a group and personally represented their case to the City of Mississauga, to settle the dispute between the builder and the owners. This establishment of a community of neighbours also encouraged regular meetings and brought the neighbours closer to each other.


Mir has strong ties to the mosque on Coopers Avenue and this has become his base for UCEC. The organization serves the needy by providing information and counselling services for families and youth and assisting people find employment.