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Barley is the fourth important cereal crop in the world and sixth in India. It is very nutritious and an excellent body-builder. Barley resembles wheat in composition although it is less palatable. The Barley grain, also called ‘pearl barley’ is prepared by removal of the outer husk. Origin and Distribution Barley was the first cereal to […]


The groundnut belongs to the pea and bean family and is a legume. But it is considered as nut because of its high nutritional value. That is how it is used in family meals and snacks. The groundnut is the only nut that grows below the earth. The groundnut plant is a variable annual herb, […]

Grain Cereals

Grains are generally classified as the seeds of cereal plants. The Greek goddess of the grains and harvests, Ceres. The word cereal is derived from her name. Cereals consist of four essential parts, namely i) the husk, hull or chaif, the outer covering loosely attached to the grain ii) the bran or the outer coat […]

Green Gram

The green gram is one of the most wholesome among pulses in India. It is free from heaviness and tendency to flatulence, which is associated with other pulses.   Origin and Distribution The plant is a native of India and since ancient times it has been in cultivation.    It is not found in a wild […]

Pigeon Pea

The pigeon pea is one of the important pulses in India. It is a woody, short-lived perennial herb, 1 to 4 meters tall. It is sometimes grown as an annual herb. It has a pronounced deep tap-root, angled and hairy stems, and spirally arranged leaves. The fruit is a flattened pod. Seeds vary in size, […]


Maize is the most important cereal in the world after wheat and rice. It is unique among cereals. The grains are borne in separate inflorescences, which are completely enclosed as modified leaf sheaths or husks, so that it is incapable of dispersing its sheets. The corn is at its best when it is well filled […]


Rice is much revered oriental food and the most important tropical cereal. It is the staple food of about half the human race and is often the main source of calories and the principal food of many millions of people. Rice from which only husk has been removed, but layers of bran and most of […]


Wheat is one of the most common cereals used throughout the world. It is also one of the most valuable cereals and a good source of energy. With its essential coating of bran, vitamins and minerals, it is an excellent health-building food.   Origin and Distribution Wild species of wheat have been reported from the […]