Aloe Vera

                              Aloe Vera is a laxative; it cleanses the stomach, dries up ulcers and speeds their healing. It is also clearly beneficial for treating ulcers which occur in the testicles, private part and buttocks, if it is sprinkled on them.  It is beneficial in cases of swelling […]

 Figs & Olives

A scientific miracle of the Holy Quran Dr. Taha Ibrahim Khalifa, former dean and Professor of medicinal plants and drugs at Al-Azhar  MT production increases gradually between the ages of 15 to 35 years. Then, the production level decreases till it stops at around the age of sixty. That is why it was not easy to obtain MT from humans. Also, […]


The tomato is one of the most important vegetables in most regions of the world. It is a short-lived perennial annual plant. It has vigorous tap root, extensive fibrous roots, solid, hairy stems and spirally arranged, mainly oval leaves. The fruit is a fleshy, round or lobed, smooth or furrowed, red, pink or yellow berry […]

Black Gram

Black gram is one of the most highly prized pulses in India. It is an erect, sub-erect or trailing, densely hairy annual herb. The tap root produces a branched root system with smooth, rounded modules. The pods are narrow, cylindrical and up to six cms, long. It is the most nutritious of all pulses. Black […]

Kalonji Oil (Black Seed) 2

 112 Recipes — (حبهالبركة) Habbat al-Barakah 1)      ASTHMA, COUGH & ALLERGY: For the treatment of these diseases the following method is adopted. Take a cup of warm water, one spoon of honey and half tea spoon of Kalonji oil.  Mix this together and drink in the morning before the breakfast. Similarly after dinner in the night. […]

Benefits of Fruits

We all think eating fruits means just buying fruits, cutting it and just popping it into our mouths. It’s not as easy as you think. It’s important to know how and when to eat. What is the correct way of eating fruits? IT MEANS NOT EATING FRUITS AFTER YOUR MEALS! * FRUITS SHOULD BE EATEN […]

Allergens in the Air

When your sinuses, the air-filled hollow cavities around your nose and nasal passages, become inflamed, fluid can accumulate and interfere with normal drainage of mucus in the sinuses. This condition is known as acute sinusitis. The result? You may have trouble breathing through your nose and feel your eyes and facial tissue swell up. Your […]

Word ‘ALLAH’ Heals Psychological Diseases

Vander Hoven, a psychologist from Netherlands, announced his new discovery about the effect of reading the Qur’aan and repeating the word ALLAH both on patients and on normal persons. The Dutch professor confirms his discovery with studies and research applied on many patients over a period of three years. Some of his patients were non-Muslims, […]

PROPHET MOHAMMAD (SAWS) DIET And its Medical Benefits

  Breakfast           Use a full table spoon of Honey along with a glass of water (200ml) Steer until the honey dissolves totally in the water before drinking.   Benefits: –          Awaken the entire digestive system, from mouth to intestines. –          Obtain a sufficient amount of energy required for the daily activities by supplying the […]

Cure for Cancer

  Garlic/Rice Research by: Dr. F.G Piotrowski of University of Geneva., Dr. McDuffie research on tuberculosis, Dr. F. W. Crosman treatment of pneumonia, Professor Hams Reuter of Cologne University These and many researchers claim the benefits of Garlic as a miracle cure, for numerous diseases. Cancer Garlic preparations, including extracts and juices, have been used successfully against cancer […]