Cucumber on White

Cucumber is believed to have been known to ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans and was available in India and China in the sixth century AD. It has now spread throughout the world.


Food Value

     Nutritionally, the cucumber has a relatively high mineral content. Its skin is most valuable as the cell salts and vitamins are in and near it. Hence it should not be peeled.

It is also a valuable source of potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulphur, silicon, chlorine and fluorine. The cucumber taken with vegetables, cereals, fruits, nuts and salads enhances the nutritional value of food items. It is generally used as a salad in combination with carrot, beet, tomato, radish, lettuce and other vegetables. The addition of some curd to the salad will make it a tasty food of great nutritional value.

Moisture                                   96.5%                Calcium                                   10mg

Protein                                        0.4%                Phosphorus                           25mg

Fat                                              0.1%                Iron                                       1.5mg

Minerals                                     0.8%                Vitamin C                                 7mg

Fiber                                           0.4%               Small amount of

Carbohydrates                            2.5%               Vitamin B Complex


Value per 100 gms edible portion                                       Calorific Value – 13


Natural Benefits and Curative Properties

     The alkaline forming minerals in the cucumber represent 64.05 per cent and the acid forming minerals 35.95 per cent. This mineral arrangement invests the cucumber with definite remedial and curative properties. It makes it useful in maintaining the alkalinity of the blood.  It operates as one of the best natural diuretics, secreting and promoting the flow of urine. It should always be taken raw as in cooking potassium and phosphorous

are lost.



The cucumber is a dependable laxative food. It supplies bulk to aid bowel action. Those who suffer from constipation can greatly benefit by taking two cucumbers a day.


Stomach Disorders

     The juice of cucumber is a valuable food medicine in the treatment of hyperacidity, gastric and duodenal ulcers. It should be taken in does of four to six ounces every two hours in such conditions. Sufficient juice can be extracted from cucumbers as it contains 96 per cent water. It gives immediate relief when there is burning sensation

in the stomach.


Rheumatic Ailments

Cucumber juice in combination with the juice of carrots, beet, celery, has a very beneficial effect in the conditions associated with accumulation of uric acid such as arthritis, gout and rheumatism.


Urinary Disorders

Cucumber seeds are rich in potassium. Emulsion of the shelled seeds has been found highly beneficial in the treatment of burning sensation in urinary calculi or stone in who are predisposed to such disorders. Emulsion of the shelled seeds, mixed with curd is useful in dissolving the gravel in urinary tract and in reducing hyperacidity of the urine.


Skin Eruptions

     Cucumber juice has proved effective in skin eruption. For better results, juices of carrots, lettuce should be added to the juice.


Beauty Aid

     Grated cucumber applied over face, eyes and neck for 15 to 20 minutes has been found effective as a beauty aid a best tonic, for the skin of the face. Its regular use prevents pimples, black heads, wrinkles and dryness of the face. Cucumber juice promotes hair growth due to its high silicon and sulphur contents, particularly when mixed with carrot, lettuce and spinach juive.

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